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Smoothies to look and feel great!

One delicious glass to cure a hangover, fight fatigue or balance your blood sugar.

One of my favourite things to make in the kitchen, and I think the easiest, is a fresh juice or smoothie. All you need is a blender and juicer, a cheap one is fine if you're just starting out, and some recipes for ingredient inspiration. The recipes will soon go by the wayside once you start experimenting and learning what works for you. For me, the most important rule is to juice your veg and blend your fruit, that way you're not overloading your system with too much fruit sugar and no fibre to balance it. There are specific juices or smoothies targeting specific conditions such as; for the morning after the night before, or for lack of energy, but on the whole a freshly extracted juice or superfood smoothie will help you on all levels. Check out these recipes and get your juice on!

Zap that Hangover

Yes we all go overboard sometimes but you can give your liver a big helping hand the next day by staying off fatty/sugary foods like McDonalds (which just leave you feeling worse afterwards) and having a lovely juice or smoothie instead.

Hangover Cures

Article / BySara Ding

A juice, with all its liquid micronutrient gold, will be absorbed into your cells quickly and efficiently, relieving dehydration and reviving your poor brain cells.

Lemons cure hangover

Article / ByAddiction Blog

Lemon juice also works wonders

Hangover cure juice

Article / Byspabettie

as does beetroot, which is an amazing liver cleanser.

Wheatgrass Juice

Article / ByKathrina Huelgas

If you can't make your own juice but live near a juice bar, go for a shot of wheatgrass to help repair your liver and give you a 'pick me up'.

Love your Liver

The body, and specifically the liver, is constantly clearing out waste and it does a marvellous job of detoxing regardless of what we throw at it. But when we start to feel tired and sluggish, this could be a sign that your liver has become overloaded or your body is too acidic. Alkalising is the name of the game when it comes to detoxing and it is agreed that green juices are the alkalising kings.

Mean Green Juice

Recipe / ByJoe Cross

Drinking a green juice on an empty stomach every morning or going on a short juice fast can get you and your liver back on track and craving alkalising fruits and vegetables.

Apple, Pear, Avocado and Spinach Detox Smoothie

Recipe / ByElla Woodward

Smoothies naturally contain more fibre than juices so can really aid in flushing out your intestines too.

Superfoods for Weightloss

If you're cutting calories in order to lose weight, it is imperative to make those calories count nutritionally as much as you can in order to stop your body going into starvation mode. You also need high energy levels to enable you to get out and exercise. Starting the day with a green smoothie with added superfoods such as spirulina or wheatgrass will help you on both counts.

Spirulina Smoothie

Recipe / ByElla Woodward

This one from Deliciously Ella is a real powerhorse. Don't be intimidated by the ingredients, they're all available at your local friendly healthfood shop.

Fight Fatigue

A super juice or smoothie packed with living enzymes, healthy fats and minerals such as magnesium will give you boundless energy as you're giving your body exactly what it needs to function.

Raw Banana Cacao Breakfast Smoothie

Recipe / BySarah McMinn

The magnesium-rich almonds and cacao (aka chocolate in its raw natural form) in this smoothie make it super energising.

Maca Madness Green Smoothie

Recipe / ByAndrea Bemis

As will a smoothie that contains the Peruvian wonder root maca. A shot of fresh wheatgrass juice or a drink made with powdered greens will also revive you from that all-too-common afternoon slump.

Hydrate for Beauty

Along with plentiful amounts of spring or filtered water, regularly drinking a juice made from predominantly cucumber will give you your glow back.

Cucumber Apple Ginger Juice For Strong Hair & Smooth Skin

Recipe / BySunithi Selvaraj

Twentieth century health advocate Paul Bragg hailed cucumber as one of nature's finest “liquid rejuvenators for keeping you feeling and looking youthful and radiant”.

Papaya Smoothie Recipes and Nutrition

Recipe / ByTracy Russell

Rich in beta-carotene and a whole host of other micronutrients and beneficial enzymes, papaya can be put on your face for a beautifying facemask or into the blender to make a delicious smoothie.

Balance your Blood Sugar

Hypoglycaemia – or low blood sugar – and its accompanying symptoms of dizziness, hunger, sugar cravings and low mood is often caused by skipping meals and/or regularly eating sugary foods. Eating a breakfast that is low in sugar and that contains a healthy amount of protein and fat is key to breaking the vicious cycle of blood sugar spikes and crashes.

My Morning Addiction

Recipe / ByJanice Lipman

One option is a shake or smoothie made with whey protein powder (preferably from grass-fed cows and a combination of isolate and concentrate), which is readily absorbed and used by the body and contains all the essential amino acids your body needs.

5 Delicious Cinnamon Smoothies

Recipe / ByElizabeth Narins

Superspice cinnamon, meanwhile is proven to regulate blood sugar levels and is an easy and worthy addition to any breakfast smoothie.

Hannah Howard runs Hannah Howard Nutrition in Berkhamsted and also offers a mobile service to the surrounding area. Since leaving the world of journalism 4 years ago, she has been learning all she can about health and nutrition, including juicing and raw food, macrobiotics, the mind-body connection, naturopathic nutrition and holistic remedies.

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