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Selfie Improvement - Self Portraits to Boost Confidence and Embrace Diversity

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Image: Sarah Van Quickelberge, Flickr

I’ve watched the evolution of the selfie with intrigue and curiosity for a long time; what started off as a trend of pulling faces with friends into a camera held at arm’s length has now turned into something more reminiscent of a full blown photo shoot, complete with Photoshop touch ups. However, I totally understand the attraction and don’t necessarily believe that the selfie should be something that is treated with the element of loathing that it gets. It’s a bit like marmite; people either love them or hate the selfie, but if people are using them to boost self confidence, what is the problem?

The selfie started as a tongue in cheek gimmick that people adopted to suit themselves and whilst putting unrealistic images out there can become a factor, surely something that makes people feel better about themselves is a good thing. The selfie also allows people to control their online image themselves, as well as help to generate interest around their profiles, which is great if they are promoting a business.

This collection explores the reasons why selfies are great for self improvement....

A path to confidence, control and self promotion

The Good, the Bad, and the Unexpected Consequences of Selfie Obsession

Article / ByMelissa Walker

The closest thing to God Almighty according to many teenage girls is the team behind the pen at Teen Vogue. Whilst offering a balanced opinion of the selfie, this selfie obsession piece argues that the selfie celebrates regular people and allows them to control their image online.

Selfies might be key to Instagram popularity: study


When it comes to social media, all that most people are looking for is a platform to engage other users. This New York Daily News article claims that users who upload a selfie, as opposed to a static object, are more likely to generate 38% more interest around their Instagram profiles. Some impressive analysis has gone into working out this specific percentage.

Why Selfies Matter

Article / ByAlexandra Sifferlin

Dr. Pamela Routledge told TIME that she believes the selfie is a reflection of self exploration and not something that should be over analysed in a new digital world. Extremely liberal or completely compelling? It’s a matter of opinion.

The Selfie Revolution

Video / ByLaci Green

Feminist Laci Green is doing it for the girls in this vlog that fights the corner of the controversial selfie, arguing that they are body positive and sex positive and providing tips that will help you to improve your body image by using the selfie.

Selfies put to good use


Video / ByCynthia Wade

This video for Dove was created by award-winning documentary filmmaker Cynthia Wade. It reveals how we have the power to redefine what beauty is.

No Make-up Selfies & The Positive Power of Social Media

Article / ByLynsey Logan

The no make-up-selfie managed to generate over £2 million in donations for cancer research. The concept was simple; take a picture of yourself sans make up and make a donation to the charity. Not only was it refreshing to see the selfie used for a positive cause, but encouraging women to believe that they are beautiful in their natural form made it a win/win situation.

Take your own selfie

7 tips for taking better selfies

Article / ByHeather Kelly

It’s not rocket science once you’ve got the hang of it, but everybody has to start somewhere. This CNN piece provides an idiot proof guide to taking a selfie for those who are less familiar with the whole selfie etiquette thing.

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