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How to Sleep

Get some tips to start getting better sleep.

Image: Mislav Marohnić, Flickr

I have on rare occasions struggled to get to sleep, but I'm not an insomniac. Like all parents however, I know just how debilitating sleep deprivation can be. So if you are an insomniac, I hope you find this collection useful.

How much and why we need sleep

How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?

Article / BySleep Foundation

It turns out that our sleep needs are very individual, with our age, gender, and genes all affecting how much sleep we need. There are two main factors determining how much sleep we need. The first factor is our basal sleep need which is the amount of sleep our bodies need to function effectively. The second factor is sleep debt and this is the accumulated amount of sleep we have lost.

The science of sleep

Article / ByBBC

Here's a comforting thought - no one is really sure why we need sleep. Really? And ".. the amount of energy saved by sleeping for even eight hours is miniscule - about 50 kCal, the same amount of energy in a piece of toast." So what would happen if we didn't sleep?

Coping with insomnia

How I cope with insomnia

Article / ByMark Rice-Oxley

This is the tale of an insomniac. Mark Rice-Oxley reveals how he coped with being awake in a sleeping house and shares some ideas which have helped him to get better sleep. Although not directly relevant to me I found this article was just what I need to understand my insomniac husband.

Sleeping with anxiety

Article / ByAnnie Harris

Annie's sleep problems started when she was in University. She offers some advice to help you relax and enjoy a good night's sleep. Boring housework anyone?

Tips for getting to sleep

How to Fall Asleep Fast

Video / ByHowcast

These are the ingredients for a good nights sleep: physical activity, a cellphone ban, vanilla essential oil, pleasant imaginings and melatonin.

32 Solutions for When You Can't Sleep

Article / ByLaura Newcomer

If you're struggling to sleep right now, get off the internet and drink some chamomile tea. Laura Newcomer also has some long term tips to improve sleep over time, some short term tips you can try daily and ideas to improve your evening routine.

20 Ways To Sleep Better Every Night

Article / ByTeresa Dumain

Sleep-promoting estrogen sinks regularly during menstruation and menopause, resulting in women getting less sleep than men. However being tired should never be considered normal. Sleep solutions vary from person to person - so here are 20 tips to help you find a formula that works for you. And discover warning signs for sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.

More insomnia cures

Say Goodnight to Insomnia

Book / ByGregg D. Jacobs

This is a six-week programme for overcoming insomnia devised by Dr Gregg D. Jacobs. It looks at your sleep thoughts and behaviours as well as managing insomnia by managing stress. Many readers of this book have reported success after following the programme.

The Effortless Sleep Method

Book / BySasha Stephens

This book was not written by a doctor but by chronic insomnia suffer of fifteen years, Sasha Stephens. She created this step-by-step recovery plan after overcoming her own insomnia. Sometimes it's best to learn from those who have done it themselves!

Technology to help you sleep.


App / BySleepio

Sleepio is an online programme to help you overcome poor sleep. It utilises Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to get your sleep schedule, thoughts and lifestyle into shape. According to their website some of the benefits are: falling asleep up to 50% faster, a reduction in night time awakenings, and a daytime energy boost by up to 50%.

Re-Timer sleep glasses

Tool / ByRe-Timer

Re-Timer was designed by sleep psychologists to improve sleep and reduce tiredness. Worn like a pair of glasses this device uses light to reset your sleep rhythm or body clock. The creators recommend using it for sleeplessness, jet lag, winter blues and if you do shift work.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

App / ByMaciek Drejak

This is a bio-alarm clock. It uses the accelerometer in your iPhone to monitor your movement and determine which sleep phase you are in. The Sleep Cycle alarm clock app then uses this information to wake you up at the lightest phase of your sleep.

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