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Focus! Stop Making these 7 Common Mistakes

Become more efficient at completing your tasks and projects by improving your focus.

Image: Nina Matthews, Flickr

Our ability to focus helps us to complete even the simplest tasks effectively. However when tackling larger, more complex, or perhaps even less exciting tasks and projects our focus can be easily diverted.

Here a few things that might be getting in the way of super-sharp focus.

1. You don’t have a deadline.

Train Your Brain for Monk-Like Focus

Article / ByThorin Klosowski

Deadlines help to prioritise your work and prevent you from drifting in the direction of less important tasks.

2. You’re feasting on junk food.

4 Foods to Help You Focus Better

Article / ByEatingWell

When we’re under pressure to get stuff done, we tend to consume processed and ready-prepared meals or take-aways. Take the time to eat healthily and you’ll be rewarded with more focus. You should be eating whole grains and leafy greens. And coffee helps too - but you already knew that.

3. You’re not making the time for exercise.

3 Scientifically Tested Tips to Help You Concentrate at Work

Article / ByEmily Co

Your lack of concentration could very well be from burnout. Regular exercise can lower your risk of burnout and helps to stave off depression.

4. You’re not taking breaks between tasks.

Train Your Brain to Focus

Article / ByPaul Hammerness, Margaret Moore

When we move between tasks we’re often still thinking about the old task and therefore not fully able to focus on the task at hand. Moving your focus from your mind to your body by walking, stretching or breathing will help to sub-consciously finish the old task before moving on to the new one. This is the practice of set shifting.

5. You’re failing to reward yourself.

5 Ways To Keep Yourself Focused At Work

Article / ByWoody Romelus

One of the best ways to improve your focus is to reward yourself once you have completed your task. So allow yourself a few minutes to catch up on social media sites and have a cup of coffee and slice of cake. Don’t forget to close your social media sites before getting back to work.

6. You’re not turning off those distractions.

Easily Distracted? 5 Ways to Improve Your Focus While Working Online.

Article / Byapartment therapy

Turn off your mobile phone and email notifications. Close down any distracting programs on your computer. You could even turn off the wi-fi on your computer if you don’t need the internet to complete your task.

7. You’re trying to multi-task.

Out of Focus: Why Multitasking May Actually Be Bad for Your Brain

Article /

The brain simply doesn’t work very well when we try to do more than one task at a time.

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