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Feeling Stuck

We've all been there - feeling stuck in a rut, unfulfilled, drifting, lethargic and incapable of making decisions. How can we move forward?

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We've all been there - feeling stuck in a rut, unfulfilled, and drifting. We become lethargic and incapable of making decisions or seeing that we have choices, unable to move forward. Stuck on the treadmill of our daily and weekly routines, desperately waiting for something to change, for a new challenge or opportunity. But of course we all know that we need to be prepared to act and make that change ourselves. This collection is about easing out of that 'state of stuck' and making changes to set your life in the direction you want to go.

Why We Feel Stuck

Feeling Stuck? Five Bad Habits to Avoid

Article / ByMary Ann Bailey

Blaming others for our circumstances, believing those crazy thoughts that constantly run through our minds, taking life too seriously, living life in the middle, fearing the unknown - could any of these be the cause of feeling stuck? 'Fearing the unknown' certainly sounds a bit too familiar to me.

Get Unstuck

50 Ways to Open Your World to New Possibilities

Article / ByLori Deschene

Need some quick fixes? Sometimes it takes just one small change to get things moving and open up the possibilities for much bigger change. So here's a list of 50 small things to get you unstuck. Do just one, and then maybe do another...

Feeling Stuck? 100 Ways to Change Your Life

Article / ByNora Dunn

Maybe it's possible you didn't find a single thing to do on the previous list. That's okay, you can make your own customised, super duper list in 20 minutes. Just getting started can shift that stuck feeling.

Change Your Life

No Regrets on Sunday: The Seven-Day Plan to Change Your Life

Book / ByPeter Hawkins

You're stuck and you want to make some changes in your life, but don't know where to start. This is a seven day plan to get you on the right track. You'll need to set aside an hour each day to read a chapter. The areas you'll cover over the seven days are; your mindset, getting the most out of your time, who you are and what's important to you, what skills and talents you have, fulfilment, satisfaction and your support network. At the end of each chapter you should commit to taking one action to ensure changes start happening.

Stuck at Work

Why You Remain Stuck in a Career You Hate

Article / ByKathy Caprino

So what are the eight core reasons why we get stuck in careers we hate; we don’t know ourselves, we know ourselves but think we're wrong, we've lost the courage to act, we've prioritized outer “rewards” over happiness...and the list goes on. But perhaps the saddest reason of all is that, we've forgotten what true happiness feels like. Figuring out which one we're stuck on can help use move on from our career stagnation.

Where's my Oasis

Book / ByRowan Manahan

Getting a new job is daunting. Whether you're changing careers, getting back into the job market or looking for the next job in your career path, we can use all the help we can get. This book is written by a recruiter who knows what interviewers are looking for and where we get it wrong. It covers everything from putting together CVs, preparing and dressing for interviews, as well how to answer those tricky questions. This simple yet brilliant book will give you the edge. According to the author, "Ask anybody you know who has to conduct selection interviews as part of their job and they will tell you that professional, courteous, well-researched and prepared candidates are very rare animals. Interviewers have a tendency to lunge across the table and grab such people with both hands". In my personal experience I know this to be very true.

Stuck in a Relationship

Are You Trapped & Unhappy in Your Relationship?

Article / ByDarlene Lancer

Guilt, money (too much or too little), not wanting a "failed" marriage - these are some of the reasons people have for staying in unhappy relationships. But the feeling of suffocation and having no choices, stems from unconscious fears. A way out of unhappiness does not have to mean leaving a relationship, but addressing those fears.

I am the founder of I love reading personal development books and try very hard to implement the stuff that resonates with me. For the most part I am paralysed by fear and indulge in the fine art of proscrastination. So it's small changes for me.

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