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Get More Energy! 6 Ideas That Really Work to Give You an Energy Boost

Goodbye to the afternoon slump.

Image: Nicki Varkevisser, Flickr

Most of us have been faced with low energy levels when we've needed to complete important tasks. This could be down to a bad night's sleep, stress or maybe it's just a mid-morning or afternoon slump. Here are some tried and tested ideas to give you an energy boost and get your mind and body functioning once again.

1. Sleeping on the job

The Science of the Perfect Nap

Article / ByTessa Miller

Napping can boost your mental efficiency, productivity, memory and creativity. Ideally your nap should be 20 minutes long. Also try drinking a cup of coffee before your nap, it will kick in just as you're waking up.

2. Take a deep breath

Get an Energy Boost From Deep Breathing

Article / ByKristyn Kusek

Breathing deeply forces more oxygen into your cells, which will slow your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, and improves circulation, ultimately giving you more energy.

3. Get Nutty

The 5 Best Foods to Give You an Energy Boost

Article / ByRyan Barnhart

Nuts are high in protein and the B and E vitamins in this healthy snack will give you the energy boost you need to get you out of your mid-morning or afternoon slump. Nuts will also keep you away from those tempting junk food snacks.

4. Exercise

8 exercises that will boost your energy

Article / ByWoodson Merrell

Go for a brisk walk. Your pace should be fast enough to increase your heart rate. Or if leaving your desk is not an option try hopping on the spot 30 times.

5. Get drinking

10 reasons to drink more water

Article / ByCosmopolitan

Fatigue is often caused by dehydration. So drink some water for a quick energy boost. It also helps with digestion, headaches, boosting your metabolism and increasing your productivity.

6. Meditate

Meditate for Energy

Article / ByHillari Dowdle

This is a simple 20 minute meditation. Try to incorporate it into your daily routine. It will help with stress, anxiety and insomnia.

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