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7 Inspirational Videos: Connecting with People

Because people need each other.
Image: Jesslee Cuizon, Flickr

We need to connect with people, whether it is with complete strangers, people in our communities and friendship circles, distant relatives or our closest family and friends, these relationships are important for our happiness and well being. Some postulate that technology, with all its emphasis on 'connectivity', is perversely only increasing our isolation, fans and 'likes' replacing truly meaningful connections. In the movie Into the Wild , after spending some time pondering the meaning of life and searching for happiness, Christopher McCandless comes to the conclusion, "Happiness only real when shared." [sic]

1. Get face to face

The Innovation of Loneliness

Video / ByShimi Cohen

Technology is making it increasingly easy for us to connect with anyone, at any time, from anywhere. But somehow having enormous social networks with thousands of friends can lead to us feeling lonely and isolated, because technology can never replace our need for face to face contact.

2. Small acts that change the world

Being Kind

Video / ByKindSpring
The creation of this video was sparked by the 21 Day Kindness Challenge .The message is simple - be kind.

3. Connect with strangers

Free Hugs Campaign

Video / ByPeaceOnEarth123
When we're feeling down most of us want to retreat into ourselves. When Juan Mann (pronounced One Mann) was feeling low he went out with a sign offering FREE HUGS. Connecting with people in this way had a bigger impact on him and the recipients of said hugs than he had anticipated. It prompted him to start the Free Hugs Campaign .

4. A shared experience

Flashmob in Antwerp train station

Video / ByThe Ad Show

The web abounds with videos of flash mobs. Many are slick and choreographed to famous songs, but I picked this one because the timeless song and simple movements made it possible for everyone to join in.

5. Play together

Let's Play "Air Orchestra!"

Video / BySoulPancake

Sometimes we just need to be silly. Of course we don't feel half as silly when we're joined by other silly folk. And who needs instruments to play in an orchestra any way...?

6. Be special to someone

Are You the Favourite Person of Anybody?

Video / ByWholphin DVD

The question, "Are you the favourite person of anybody?" is asked of 3 different respondents. They each react in very different ways. How do you think you would respond?

7. Spend time with loved ones

Thought of You

Video / ByRyan Woodward
The astonishing beauty of this little film simply blew me away. It is a reminder to make time for those closest to us. The song, World Spins Madly On , by the aptly named The Weepies, inspired the animator Ryan Woodward, to create this classic short (also well worth watching the 'Making of ').

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