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5:2 Your Life

Just 2 days a week to transform your life.

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The 5:2 diet took the dieting world by storm and quickly become popular after the BBC broadcast a Horizon episode that featured the diet back in August 2012.

Not only have we been applying the diet to our lives to help us lose weight, but the diet can also help us in other aspects of our lives. Not just a diet plan, you can aim to 5:2 your whole life to make positive changes that improve your lifestyle for the long term.

So what's it all about? The 5:2 diet works on a weekly schedule. For two days a week you are expected to carry out 'fasting' days and the other five days are your 'free' days, where you can eat normally. You can also apply similar elements to other areas of your life to make further improvements.

The Basics

5:2 your whole life

Article / ByKate Harrison

All the various elements that you can apply the 5:2 diet to in your life, from your dreams to your happiness and your social life, with the 5:2 you can achieve almost anything!

5:2 your life

Article / ByOliver Burkeman

What if the 5:2 diet wasn't only for weight loss? Could doing what you like for five days and being disciplined for two work with drinking, worrying or spending?

Read up!

5:2 Your Life: How the revolutionary 5:2 approach can transform your health, your wealth and your happiness

Book / ByEmma Cook

Emma Cook provides a 6-week plan to get your life back on track. Learn how to make small changes on just two days a week, which will have a ripple effect on your whole life.

5:2 Your Life: Get Happy, Get Healthy, Get Slim

Book / ByKate Harrison

Kate Harrison has 5:2'd her life and feels great for it. Like Emma Cook, she has also written a great book about her experience. Read how she did it and get her fab tips too.

The Results

How the 5:2 plan changed my life

Article / ByEdel Coffey

So now you know all about 5:2ing your life it's time to find out how others got on with '5:2ing' theirs! Edel Coffey writes for the Independent about her experience.

5:2 your life – the TV diet

Article / ByStuart Heritage

Feel like you waste too much time watching TV and that you could be more productive? Stuart Heritage decided to 5:2 his television habit, find out how he got on.

5:2 your life – the relationship fix

Article / ByTim Dowling

Television addictions and over eating aside, you can also 5:2 your relationships to help improve them and get more from them. Tim Dowling gave it a shot, find out how he got on.

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