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20 Reasons to Quit Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking is a necessity, not a choice right?

Image: John Benson, Flickr

It is not uncommon to feel like it is a luxury to be able to do one thing at a time. As much as we think multitasking saves time, it seems that it is actually inefficient. You may feel like you are saving time but as you will read about below, it seems that multi-tasking can be bad for your health and productivity levels.

20 Reasons

The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

Book / ByGary Keller

“Where I’d had huge success, I had narrowed my concentration to one thing, and where my success varied, my focus had too.”

This inspirational book hones in on the concept of ‘The One Thing’. It features tips and techniques on its core principle of how one can have both less, and more.

  1. You can only achieve extraordinary results through a narrow focus.
  2. It can be dangerous, even fatal.
  3. It causes stress.

The multitasking myth

Article / ByAmanda MacMillan

“Multitasking is overrated. Here are some surprising ways it can make you less – not more- efficient.”

This insightful article dispels all the things that we see as being the benefits of multi-tasking.

  1. It leads to mistakes being made.
  2. You miss out on life.
  3. It can lead to overeating.

Want to become more productive? Stop multitasking

Article / ByChris Bailey

“According to a recent study, when you multitask, you are not being more productive – you just feel more emotionally satisfied from your work.”

  1. It affects your memory.
  2. It severely affects performance.
  3. Your brain can’t actually multitask.

The Multitasking Woman and her Health

Book / ByDr. Kaniappan Padmanaban

“Many of these super-busy-multitasking-women are suffering from less energy.”

Coming from a medical point of view, Dr Padmanaban acknowledges that in some situations, multitasking cannot be avoided. We are educated on the pitfalls and ways in which we can combat it taking an adverse toll on our health.

  1. It requires a lot of energy.
  2. It causes iron deficiency.
  3. It can lead to unnecessary food buying habits.

Multitasking Wastes Time and Money

Article / ByMegan Santosus

“…there’s a problem with multitasking. Not only does it take a personal toll on employees, it also doesn’t work.”

From a professional angle, it is acknowledged that many bosses expect us to multitask but, the smart manager will encourage a leaner approach to work.

  1. We have limited attention spans.
  2. It is inefficient.
  3. It stifles creative thinking.

Focus Like a Laser Beam: 10 Ways to Do What Matters Most

Book / ByLisa Haneberg

“Laser-focused leaders know that multitasking saps their organization of focus, energy and productivity.”

This book offers business leaders a new way to direct their focus in order to improve energy levels, engagement and communication.

  1. It increases blood pressure.
  2. You end up doing less with less.
  3. It kills lead time.

What multitasking does to your brain

Article / ByDrake Baer

“Having 20 tabs open on your laptop while snapchatting with your best friend, eating a sandwich, and listening to Taylor Swift is overwhelming. And makes you mean.”

This eye opening and well-researched article educates us on how multitasking rewires the brain – in a bad way.

  1. You can’t filter out irrelevancy.
  2. It reduces attention spans.

Sam Dutta owns Since leaving the corporate world of IT and Project Management 4 years ago, she has been working as an educator in secondary schools as well as, running her other businesses and – a geek and a beauty enthusiast.

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